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EGATIN Study Days in Rome 2005
Research in the Didactic Matrix
Kristian Valbak, MD. Ph.D.
EGATIN subplenary paper presentations in Molde, August 11th. 2005

How does change in clinical practice influence Group Analytic Training?
Kristian Valbak, MD Ph.D.

On Writing a Group Analytic Diploma Paper (Power Point Presentation)
Thor Kristian Island, MD

EGATIN Study Days in Copenhagen 2006
Introducing the theme 'Putting group Analytic work into Writing'
'Writing and Fighting'
- Text & Slides
Kristian Valbak, MD. Ph.D.

Reflections on the psychodynamics of writing and presenting
Nick Barwick, British Journal of Psychotherapy, 2003

Reflections on Writing as part of a Group Analytic Training
Michael Münchow, MA, cand. phil.

EGATIN Study Days in Budapest 2007
Programme and titles of presentations here
EGATIN in Dublin Fishbowl 2008
See chairman's remarks here
EGATIN Study Days in Vienna 2010

Amélie Noack's presentation: Group Analysis - a first choice treatment

August Ruhs´ presentation: The Importance of Being Patient

Sylvia Hutchinson's presentation: Is all Group Analysis applied Group Analysis?


EGATIN Study Days & AGM Lisbon 2012
Sexuality_in_group_psychotherapy.pptx 359.79 KB
EGATIN Study Days&AGM 24-26 Apr 2015 in Bristol
Amelie_Noack__Response_to_Farhad_Dalal_Paper.doc 42.50 KB
Jasmina_Stojkovic-Pavlovic_My_First_Group-a_Crack_in_a_Shell.doc 46.50 KB
Natasa_Yankovic_Overcoming_resistance_to_personal_growth....doc 41.00 KB
Spyros_Loutsos_Group_Analytic_training_during_the_financial_crisis.docx 235.18 KB
Laura_Sennen_and_Alex__Chapman_The_experience_of_training_in_the_social_context.doc 42.00 KB
EGATIN Study Days & AGM 22-24 April 2016 in Zurich
Rudolf_Balmer_Psychoanalysis_in_Group_Analytic_Training.doc 518.44 KB
Tija_Despotovic_Final_Response_to_Rudolf_Balmers_paper.doc 82.93 KB
Edith_Lecourt__Psychoanalysis_and_Group_Analysis__French_Approaches.doc 82.48 KB

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